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Latest news:

Sega Dreamcast 2D/3D Hybrid shoot em up ‚Sturmwind‘ postponed

Written by redspotgames at 15. July 2011

Haste makes waste. This is what developer team Duranik thought during the last months while working on their upcoming Dreamcast shoot em up.

After an internal evaluation as well as constructive feedback from fans, redspotgames and Duranik have decided to put even more efforts into ‚Sturmwind‘. Unfortunately this means that both parties have to announce a delay of the release of the game. The new street day will be 11-11-11.

redspotgames and Duranik realize that some of the customers might be disappointed. But there is also a bright side due to this situation.

Thanks to the massive feedback from the original announcement trailer, the weapon system will be revised to the demand of the public. Also, the beta tests turn out to be bigger and more important than expected because of the feedback gained from the testers as well. Both will increase the quality of the game.

When taking a look at the history of Duranik you will recognize ‚Native‘ for Atari Jaguar, which followed a similar concept like ‚Sturmwind‘. Even though it was cancelled in December 1997, the positive elements of the game made it into ‚Sturmwind‘. And it would be a shame if these well-done details won‘t get the final polish it deserves in the final product.

If customers disagree and want to cancel their order at the redspotgames online shop, they can do so by sending a mail with their name and order number to the pleasant shop employees at shop/AT/redspotgames/DOT/com. If they still want to get ‚Sturmwind‘, the delay won‘t affect already done orders (except for they being delivered in November 2011).

For their own pleasure, redspotgames and Duranik are also going to provide them with more details about the development soon.

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