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Latest news:

Small amount of refurbished Sturmwind “Windstärke 12″ on sale again

Written by redspotgames at 10. September 2013

You’ll surely be surprised how time flies: The initial release of Sturmwind for Sega Dreamcast has been taken place almost 5 months ago. To the satisfaction of Duranik and redspotgames, both the majority of customers and press reaction was positive.
Yet there is is something that Dreamcast fans would admire: We’re speaking about those who weren’t able to acquire Sturmwind’s Limited Edition and desperately want to call one copy their own.

While the basic version of Sturmwind is still available, the Limited Edition “Windstärke 12″ has been sold out shortly after its launch in April 2013. It offered:

* Sturmwind Game
* Sturmwind Soundtrack: “The Final Score”
* Full Color Sturmwind 3D Printed Model 1:72
* Full Color Tactical Guide Booklet

All of that comes packaged in a special magnet box.

Yet, the possibility of calling this Limited Edition your own is here again for short time only: A small amount of refurbished Sturmwind “Windstärke 12″ are on sale again!

But this is not a reproduction. As communicated before its release, there won’t be a reproduction at all.
Hereby we’re speaking about returned “Windstärke 12″ units that have seen a maintenance: Minor damages that were repaired. All of these units are like new. No damaged is left on these units and comes in the original condition.

These Sturmwind “Windstärke 12″ Limited Editions are available for the original price of 69,95 Euro at the redspotgames online shop. But again: Limited time offer only!

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Sturmwind FAQ now online

Written by redspotgames at 30. June 2012

Questions about the release date of Sturmwind? Hereby we present a FAQ that will explain all issues and gives insights into the project. See photos of the (defunct) CD factory and box! Click here to get to the FAQ.

In these Frequently asked questions (FAQ) questions and answers about the Sturmwind release are listed, which are commonly asked lately. If you have any additional question, please contact the redspotgames customer service.

We receive inquires about the release date quite often – we are sorry for the circumstances caused. It’s hard to analyse the situation from outside since it’s quite complex. We reveal why it was worth waiting and what’s happening behind the scene.


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RRRR for WiiWare available today – Release Celebration: 50% OFF various items

Written by redspotgames at 19. April 2012

Guess what day it is already. This very 19th April 2012 marks the official release of Rush Rush Rally Racing for WiiWare™ in Europe! You can now download and play the even more loaded and improved version for only 900 Nintendo Points.

So get ready, grab a friend or two (actually three would be perfect) and race your way to the top… and beyond!

To celebrate the release of the WiiWare™ version the redspotgames online shop offers items which are 50% OFF the next three days:

- Rush Rush Rally Racing “Racing Cap”: 25 EUR instead of 50 EUR
- Rush Rush Rally Racing (Alt. Edition) for Dreamcast: 11 EUR instead of 22 EUR
- I <3 redspotgames tee: 9.99 EUR instead of 19.95 EUR
- redspotgames eagle tee: 9.99 EUR instead of 19.95 EUR

Grab those as long as you can! Don’t forget that these items will be back to the normal price after Saturday, 21st April 2012. Only lasts as long as there is still a quantity available.

Please note: Only 3 units of each article is allowed per person! No retail allowed.

Category English, redspotgames online shop, Rush Rush Rally Racing, WiiWare

Start your engines: Rush Rush Rally Racing for WiiWare™ release date is set

Written by redspotgames at 5. April 2012

Rush Rush Rally Racing for WiiWareBonjour and buenos días Europeans! Finally you can race to the top on WiiWare™… and beyond!

After 2 years of test drive redspotgames and Senile Team are happy to reveal the release date of Rush Rush Rally Racing for WiiWare™ in Europe: On April 19th 2012 the rubber will burn and the race is on for just 900 Nintendo points!

The WiiWare™ release of Rush Rush Rally Racing is even more loaded with features than its Dreamcast predecessor. With two new single player modes, redesigned menus and many other improvements, it’s better than ever before!

Impressive features include:
- 3 single player modes (incl. 2 brand new exclusively on WiiWare™)
- 3 multiplayer modes (with up to 4 players on one console)
- Supports Wii Remote™, Classic Controller, Nintendo GameCube™ Controller
- Supports Widescreen TVs

Also don’t forget:
- Five race cars to choose from
- 10 Grand Prix race tracks
- 8 additional multi-player race tracks
- Critically acclaimed soundtrack by Black Device
- Improved graphics compared to Dreamcast version
- Plus even more unlockable content!

Never before a new WiiWare™ title felt THIS retro yet unique due to it’s original content and black humour.

Rush Rush Rally Racing for WiiWare™ will be available in following countries:
United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Greece;

Rush Rush Rally Racing © 2012 Senile Team & redspotgames
Wii and WiiWare are trademarks of Nintendo. © 2012 Nintendo

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Introducing the new redspotgames customer support

Written by redspotgames at 2. April 2012

In order to raise the customer satisfaction and give support in the most convenience way, redspotgames decided to establish a ticket system that is available now. It will replace the email customer support which will be discontinued from this moment on.

The redspotgames customer support can be found in the menu bar on top of www.redspotgames.com or directly at www.redspotgames.com/support.

The only thing required is a valid email address and a not too strict spam filter – unfortunately free email providers like Gmail or GMX will handle the emails from our customer support as spam in a few cases. Marking them as “no spam” will solve this issue.

Different departments have been established so the redspotgames customer support can help with any topic as soon as possible. Looking forward to your inquries!

Category English, redspotgames, redspotgames customer support

New Sturmwind screenshots revealed!

Written by redspotgames at 28. March 2012

Hereby Duranik and redspotgames are presenting new screenshots of Sturmwind for Dreamcast! These also reveal the latest changes: Different HUD, weapons moved to the top right, energy bar is gone. And: There are levels with a top down perspective. Enjoy!

Category Dreamcast, Sturmwind

Final Sturmwind CD cover revealed!

Written by redspotgames at 14. March 2012

Here you can see the final Sturmwind CD cover. “But those are two, what do I get now?!” – no worries! You’ll get both of them since it’s a dual cover! :-) Just flip the manual to your favorite side!

How do you like the dual covers? Let us know on our Facebook page!


Category Dreamcast, English, Sturmwind

Production complications: Sturmwind is about to be delayed

Written by redspotgames at 19. December 2011

Production complications: Sturmwind is about to be delayed

In spite of best planing, the release of Sturmwind has to be postponed: Our long-term CD-ROM manufacturer surprisingly had to declare bankruptcy after 19 years in business. From 40 employees only a few remained. Therefore this resulted in the situation that the scheduled delivery date for Sturmwind could not be met in the end.

The only possibility has been to relocate the production – to avoid further delays of the bankrupt facility. Nevertheless items like the spaceship models have been completely manufactured already. Our new partner is one of the largest videogame CD / DVD press plants in Europe with over 50 years of experience in medium production. In the meanwhile we already placed our production order for Sturmwind.

The release date is set to TBA (“to be announced”) consequently.

Details are currently clarified between redspotgames, Duranik and the new facility. Also we are arranging material for another announcement with more exact information within December, which will be after Christmas however. All orders in the redspotgames online shop will remain valid.

German / Deutsch
Produktions-Komplikationen: Sturmwind steht Verschiebung bevor

Trotz bester Planung muss die Veröffentlichung von Sturmwind verschoben werden: Unser langjähriger CD-ROM-Produzent – mit dem wir bereits Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles und Rush Rush Rally Racing realisiert haben – musste nach 19 Jahren Betrieb plötzlich und überraschend Konkurs anmelden. Aus den einst 40 Mitarbeitern blieben nur noch eine Hand voll übrig. Daraus ergab sich letzte Woche die Situation, dass der Liefertermin für Sturmwind schlussendlich nicht mehr einhalten werden konnte.

Die einzige Möglichkeit bestand darin – um weitere Verschiebungen des in Konkurs befindlichen Presswerks zu vermeiden – nun die Produktion zu verlagern. Einige Teile wie die Raumschiffmodelle sind bereits komplett hergestellt. Unser neuer Partner ist eines der größten Videospiele-Presswerke Europas mit über 50 Jahren Erfahrung in der Datenträgerproduktion. In der Zwischenzeit haben wir diesem bereits den Auftrag für Sturmwind erteilt.

Der Veröffentlichungstermin ist somit auf TBA (“to be announced”) gesetzt.

Details werden gerade zwischen redspotgames, Duranik und dem neuen Presswerk abgeklärt. Auch bereiten wir gerade Material für eine weitere Ankündigung genauerer Informationen im Dezember vor, welche jedoch erst nach Weihnachten erscheinen wird. Alle Bestellungen im redspotgames online shop behalten ihre Gültigkeit.

Category Deutsch, Dreamcast, English, redspotgames online shop, Sturmwind

Sturmwind „Windstärke 12“ revealed & Pre-Order information

Written by redspotgames at 4. November 2011

The upcoming release of Sturmwind for Dreamcast has seen a lot of attention lately. Beside the main announcement on the computer show „neues“ on the German TV station, 3sat, there was also another segment on the show „on3-südwild“. In which they showed further unseen game play. In the mean time the Sturmwind discussions online are increasing.

No wonder so many fans got in contact with redspotgames and Duranik. This has been a reason for the current „fan“ beta tests. One of the most desired has been a collectors version of Sturmwind. With this realization redspotgames has spent the past few months working on just that.

Content with the result both redspotgames and Duranik are announcing a Limited Edition of Sturmwind for Dreamcast today. It bears the name „Windstärke 12“ („storm force 12“) and consists of following:

* Sturmwind Game
* Sturmwind Soundtrack: “The Final Score”
* Full Color Sturmwind 3D Printed Model 1:72
* Full Color Tactical Guide Booklet

All of that comes packaged in a special magnet box. „The Final Score“ contains both unused music and remixes of the original Sturmwind soundtrack. The „Tactical Guide“ shows the best strategies to beat the enemies in the game, full color and illustrated. The spaceship model is also in full color and 1:72 scale.

The Sturmwind Limited Edition „Windstärke 12“ is only available in a limited quantity. There will be no reproduction. Mass orders are prohibited. When its gone, it‘s gone!

It’s price will be 69,95 EUR (~ US $96.60 / ~ £60.50 GBP) and therefore is much cheaper and more affordable as similar collectors editions. It can be ordered directly at www.redspotgames.com/shop – shipping worldwide.

Due to this announcement and the rich feedback of our beta testers the release has been pushed back to 22-12-11. This concerns both the standard and Limited Edition.

Pre-Order Information: If you have already made a pre-order, you will receive your copy when the game ships. If you wish to change your order and get the Limited Edition instead do the following:

* Perform a new order for the Limited Edition – a payment is possible but not required
* Cancel your old order: Send both the old and the new order numbers in an email to the redspotgames online shop (shop@redspotgames.com)
* Total amount of the old order will be refunded (if available)

Packshots have been available on the redspotgames Flickr page a couple of hours before this official release. In future it might be interesting to become friends at those networks to be informed asap:

* redspotgames on Twitter: www.twitter.com/redspotgames
* redspotgames on Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/redspotgames/210719714872
* redspotgames on Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/redspotgames

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Fans only: Looking for Shootem up pros to test upcoming Dreamcast game Sturmwind

Written by redspotgames at 16. September 2011

Sturmwind fans: Ever dreamed of credits in the final release, eternal glory (well maybe not eternal), and a final copy of the game?

Well then you might be interested in our Beta tester program! Beside our professional tester crew, redspotgames would like give 5 shootem up fans the possibility to bring their feedback into the final development of Sturmwind. So we get both constructive feedback from potential customers, and we can improve it the way the fans want it.

For the final stages of development, redspotgames is looking for Beta testers who can test several different versions of the game within the next 4 to 6 weeks. Testers must be able to play for 2 to 4 hours a day, and provide us with constructive feedback. Feedback must be precise and provided on a regular basis. Your reward is having your name in the final credit for the games and in the manual. In addition you will receive a free copy of Sturmwind when it is released, in addition to playing it before anyone else!

This will mark the third fan related event from redspotgames within a short time. Previously the Munich based indie publisher provided fans with the chance to sponsor Formula BMW Talent Cup driver Lassi Halminen. In addition we have also handed out free Rush Rush Rally Racing posters (available on WiiWare). redspotgames hopes to continue involving their fans in future productions and events.

Sturmwind is heading to Dreamcast on 11-11-11 worldwide and can be preordered at www.redspotgames.com/shop

Interested? Contact us via our form!

Category Dreamcast, English, redspotgames, Sturmwind

Letzter Aufruf für “Fan Sponsoring” im professionellen Motorsport mit Lassi Halminen

Written by redspotgames at 1. September 2011

Wie HAL Racing und redspotgames bereits am Montag (29.08.2011) angekündigt haben, besteht für Fans die einmalige Möglichkeit, Sponsor des Rennfahrers und Videospielers Lassi Halminen zu werden. Hiermit wollen wir über alle Details aufklären und nochmals auf die baldige Deadline (Freitag, 02.09.2011) hinweisen.

“Fan Sponsoring”?
Wir nennen es “Fan Sponsoring” – dabei handelt es sich um einen Text, der an den großen Seitenkästen des Formula-BMW-Rennwagens (“FB02″) von Lassi Halminen angebracht wird. Es kann ein beliebiger Text, also ein Name, Website, Firma, Slogan und so weiter sein. Auch Website-URLs sind möglich.

Lassi Halminen?
So lautet der Name des von redspotgames gesponserten Fahrers. Jungspund, 15 Jahre, kommt aus der finnischen Stadt Kangasala, schon seit dem 10. Lebensjahr im professionellen Kartsport unterwegs. Hat sich im Formula BMW Talent Cup als einer der besten etabliert. Und daneben begeisteter Videospieler. Neben dem Rennfahren konzentriert sich Lassi darauf, uns bei der Ausbalancierung des Schwierigkeitsgrads von “Rush Rush Rally Racing” zu helfen. Schwer soll es sein, selbst für einen professionellen Rennfahrer – aber dennoch fair!

Formula BMW Talent Cup?
Der Formula BMW Talent Cup ist eine Art Rennfahrer-Ausbildung mit mehreren Rennen ohne Gesamtwertung (intern “Heats” genannt) in 7 Ländern Europas. Aus der Formula BMW gingen in den letzten Jahren Talente wie Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg, Bruno Senna oder Sébastien Buemi hervor. Mehr Informationen über den Cup gibt es auf der offiziellen Website: http://www.bmw-motorsport.com/ms_de/engagement/formel_bmw_talent_cup/konzept

Wann und wo zu sehen?
Der Formula BMW Talent Cup, in welchem Lassi Halminen als einer von 13 Fahrern teilnimmt, absolviert zwischen dem 15. – 18. September sein großes Finale in Deutschland. Genauer gesagt in der Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, als Rahmenprogramm des DTM-Laufs am gleichen Wochenende. Die DTM ist eine der größten Tourenwagen-Meisterschaften weltweit und glänzt mit weltweit bekannten Rennfahrern wie Ralf Schumacher oder David Coulthard. Das Rennen mit Lassi Halminen wird vor geschätzten 60.000 Zuschauern stattfinden, sowie im Internet unter www.formula-bmw.com live übertragen.

Anmeldung und Deadline
Bis spätestens morgen, Freitag den 02.09.2011, muss eine Anfrage per Mail an sponsoring@redspotgames.com eingegangen sein. In dieser Anfrage muss bereits der gewünschte Text (nicht mehr als 24 Zeichen) genannt werden. Jede Anfrage ist bindend und verpflichtet damit zur Zahlung und Verwendung des ersten angegebenen Textes. Spätere Änderungswünsche können nicht beachtet werden.

Kosten und Abwicklung
Während im professionellen Motorsport ein Sponsoring mehrere Zehntausende Euro kostet, beträgt die einmalige Gebühr des “Fan Sponsoring”-Pakets nur 50,00 EUR. Es entstehen keine weiteren Kosten. redspotgames erzielt durch diese Gebühr keinen finanziellen Gewinn. Diese muss binnen 7 Werktagen auf unser deutsches Bankkonto oder PayPal-Konto überwiesen werden. Weitere Details erhalten alle Interessenten bei der Anmeldung auf sponsoring@redspotgames.com

Wir möchten zudem darauf hinweisen, das dieses Angebot nicht nur zeitlich, sondern auch platztechnisch limitiert ist. Danke an alle Interessierten! Und viel Erfolg in Oschersleben, Lassi!

Category Deutsch, Rush Rush Rally Racing, WiiWare

Fan sponsoring: See your name / website / slogan fading away very fast!

Written by redspotgames at 29. August 2011

redspotgames and HAL Racing are revealing an exclusive and quite speedy sponsoring offer – but time limited to upcoming Friday morning, September 2nd 2011. Place your own name, website, company, brand, slogan or quote on the big sideboxes of Lassi Halminen‘s car! Following the motto: Read it if you can!

The 16 year old Finn from Kangasala is one of 13 participants at this year‘s Formula BMW Talent Cup, a motorsport series that focus on the education and training of race drivers who come from karting and are between 13 and 18 years. Other motorsport stars like Sebastian Vettel, Bruno Senna or Sébastien Buemi once attended at the Formula BMW series and made their first large steps in professional racing here. The series also provides mental and fitness training by professionals who already trained Formula 1 drivers like Lewis Hamilton or even Olympia Gold Metal winners in different disciplines.

The „fan sponsoring“ is limited to the final event of Oschersleben (Germany) on September 15th to 18th, where they drive in the supporting program of the DTM („Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters“). The race will be streamed live on www.formula-bmw.com and about 60.000 fans are awaited for this event. HAL Racing will not charge 10.000 EUR, not 1.000 EUR, but only 50 EUR per text! Professional motorsport sponsoring has never been so easy and inexpensive! And the best: Every 10th order will get their text for absolutely free!

Since Lassi Halminen became one of the best Formula BMW Talent Cup drivers in this season, he has a realistic chance to win both the race in Oschersleben and a sponsored year in the Formula 3 ATS cup in 2012 as the prize of his eventually success here.

If you are interested or need further details, directly contact redspotgames at sponsoring@redspotgames.com – you can pay via both, PayPal or on an European Bank account (transfer within Europe with no extra charge). Please be aware that other names will appear on this area as well. redspotgames will not gain any financial profit out of this „fan sponsoring“ fee.

redspotgames already sponsors Lassi Halminen since the early 2011 Formula BMW Talent Cup season. As a hardcore videogame fan, Lassi already got his hands on Rush Rush Rally Racing for Nintendo WiiWare, which is about to be released very soon.

Category English, redspotgames, Rush Rush Rally Racing, WiiWare

Lassi Halminen strengthening his position among top drivers in his class at Portimão, Portugal

Written by redspotgames at 29. August 2011

Lassi Halminen succeeded very well in the latest Formula BMW Talent Cup racing event in Portimão, Portugal on August 26th to 28th 2011 on the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve. The redspotgames sponsored race driver was fastest in free practice session on Friday despite of his flu symptoms. He promised redspotgames to take some days off to recover, to drink hot chocolate milk, stay in bed and play some Rush Rush Rally Racing for Nintendo WiiWare. But first they talked to Lassi about his personal summary of his racing weekend.

In qualifying sessions on Saturday Lassi continued his strong performance. In qualifying 1 from which two fastest laps were considered Lassi finalized third and fourth. Something about the tightness of the competition tells the fact that Lassi lost the second position only by 0.004 seconds, and to the pole position the time difference was only 0.111 seconds.

In qualifying 2 Lassi got some extra heartbeat when the red flag had stopped the qualifying and the cars were getting back on the track: there proved to be a severe problem in the throttle. After couple of minutes of hard work by his mechanics, he eventually was sent back to the track only few minutes before the end of qualifying 2.

„I was told that I will have chance for two laps, and I will have to be fast even on the first lap out to get chance. So I knew I had this only shot“ Lassi commented the qualifying. He achieved two fantastic laps which brought him to position two on both of his laps.

Lassi clarified the situation after qualifying. „I knew I needed two fast laps so I could not push too hard on the first fast lap, but I think it went quite well. When I left to the second fast lap I had only 7 seconds time left, so it was close call“

In heats (a.k.a. stints under race condition) Lassi demonstrated fantastic driving skills again, which further strengthened his position among top drivers in Talent Cup.

„Heat 1, I’ve got pretty poor start, and then I couldn‘t get an optimal line to the corner 1 and few opponents managed to overtake me in there. So I finalized as fifth“ the 16 year old Finn commented. „Then in heat 2 I had pretty cool start, and managed to overtake in the first corner and I reached third position. Then I started to seek for a place to overtake the car in front of me. However, already on lap 2 another car hit hard from back to my right rear tire. I span and in the incident the tire and breaks damaged, so I was forced to withdraw. The opponent who hit my car got a penalty of 5 starting grid positions in the next heat“

The third heat brought a phantastic start „and I managed to get the leading position in corner 1. However after a while the opponent who left from the pole managed to overtake me again“ He was driving as second, as bit later, another incident in corner 2 made him span out unfortunately.

Lassi was pretty close to a victory in the forth heat! „The start was ok, the race was ok, I drove the fastest lap time and I was pretty close to win, resulting as second. At finishing line the difference was only 0.38 second!“ he commented.

„In heat 5 I had to start from position 7 due to some bad luck in two of the previous heats. I had very nice start, I managed to get already to fourth position in the first corner, but then it came a bit too tight and I got hit and dropped to the eight position. It took quite many laps to rush-rush-race back to the fourth position which was my result at the end“

Lassi himself was satisfied in his performance. He knows that his speed is sufficient for winning, but also luck is needed. He was also fond of the Portimão track. „This is very nice and challenging track to drive, blind corners, lots of hills up and down. A great fun for me!“

But now it‘s time to recover – the great final race in Oschersleben as supporting act for the DTM („Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters“) is about to come on September 15th to 18th 2011! redspotgames will keep you informed about Lassi‘s race there.

Lassi Halminen is sponsored by redspotgames and is supporing the development of the upcoming 2D racing game „Rush Rush Rally Racing“ for Nintendo WiiWare.

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Lassi Halminen trained in Triple WTCC champion Andy Priaulx’ racing simulator in Silverstone

Written by redspotgames at 21. August 2011

As part of the training program by the Formula BMW Talent Cup, redspotgames sponsored race driver Lassi Halminen met the Triple WTCC champion Andy Priaulx this weekend in Silverstone. But it wasn‘t just a meet and greet for fun, but a serious test of his fitness and racing talent indeed.

British race driver Andy Priaulx – who will start for BMW in the DTM in 2012 – has established a training facility called iZone Driver Performance at England‘s prestigious Silverstone Circuit. It is aimed at helping racing drivers become world class racers with an innovative simulator. It offers three HD projectors, 5 axis of motion, competition hydraulic brakes with 4-pot callipers, eye tracker and a data analysis station, amongst others.

Lassi was fascinated by these digital training sessions. „I learnt an incredible range of strategies that will be really helpful in the future,“ said the 16 year old Finn after the event. „It wasn‘t as difficult as Rush Rush Rally Racing at all“

The next events will be Portimão, Portugal (26th to 28th August) and the grand finale in Oschersleben, Germany (15th to 18th August) in the supporting program of the DTM („Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters“).

Category English, Rush Rush Rally Racing, WiiWare

Lassi Halminen presents „RRRR“ cap and free poster – results of Monteblanco revealed

Written by redspotgames at 9. August 2011

Event number 7 of the Formula BMW Talent Cup. It has been a hard and very hot weekend at the Monteblanco circuit in southern Spain. 40 degrees Celsius in the shadow without any clouds in sight hasn‘t been an exception but the daily routine. The asphalt even hit 68 degrees!

Still redspotgames sponsored driver Lassi Halminen from Finland kept cool and delivered some pretty decent results in both the Qualifying and „Heat“ sessions (a.k.a. the 4 short races).

After placing 2nd and 5th in the Qualifying session on Saturday, he started from these grid positions in heat 1 and 3. For heat 2 and 4, the first 6 drivers from the previous heats started in the reversed order to mix the grid up.

Even due to these reguations he managed to compete with the best drivers, placed 3rd, 4th twice and 6th in the last heat. This marks a good result compared to his starting positions and the hard battle for places with a few car contacts by others.

„Qualifying 1 was very good for me and I didn‘t need to drive more than one fast lap and I was second“, Lassi Halminen reported. „Qualifying 2 wasn‘t that good and I missed the best laps because of traffic and I was 5th. Heat 1 was quite good but I got overtaken on lap 2 in turn 6 so I finished 3rd. Heat 2 I finalized as 5th [4th after a penalty for another driver] and I had couple of very good and tight fights. Heat three I had even more hard fights and eventually I was able to rise from 5th to 4th and 3rd place wasn‘t far, just one more lap…“, he said with a big grin. „Heat 4 in the beginning of the heat I got stuck and dropped from 3rd to 6th. My tires were not in perfect shape any longer so the overtaking was very difficult, but all in all the whole weekend was quite good. One podium, and lot of more racing experience.“

In his video message from Monteblanco, Lassi Halminen also announced a new „Rush Rush Rally Racing for WiiWare“ poster which will be gave away for free to every order in the redspotgames online shop (www.redspotgames.com/shop) from now on. Besides, the 15-year-old was also very happy to present his first merchandise article with the official „Rush Rush Rally Racing“ cap he is wearing at each event. The quality cap by Flexfit is available at the redspotgames online shop for 50,00 EUR (US$ 72.00 / GBP 44,00). „To be honest it looks much better than the common caps around, since it‘s more stylish and uses a modern design with flexible spandex. It‘s very fashionable and I also wear in my spare time“ he comments. By the way: Every 25th order at the redspotgames online shop will even get it for free!

The video has been uploaded to redspotgames‘ YouTube account and can be watched at www.youtube.com/user/redspotgames

The next station of the Formula BMW Talent Cup will be a training from 19th to 21st August 2011 in prestigious Silverstone, England. Here the participants will drive in a racing simulator (it can‘t get any harder than „Rush Rush Rally Racing“, can it?), guided by former WTCC and future DTM driver Andy Priaulx.

Furthermore, the race events in Portimão, Portugal (26th to 28th August) and the grand finale in Oschersleben, Germany (15th to 18th August) in the supporting program of the DTM („Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters“) will be the next steps.

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