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Rush Rush Rally Racing

Rush Rush Rally Racing

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Rush Rush Rally Racing is an old school 2D racing game for SEGA Dreamcast. No sponsored cars, no realistic environments - just plain old fun!

"Die fordernde Schwierigkeitsgrad, die vielen Details, die simple, aber zugleich extrem präzise Steuerung und die witzige Inszenierung passen wie die Bremsstreifen auf den Fahrbahnbelag und machen "RRRR" zum Geheimtipp im Jubiläumsjahr von Segas Kringelkasten."
(issue 11/2009, page 90)
"The meat of the game is superb, with races built upon skill and mastering. There’s a huge amount of depth and reward to be found, along with a whole host of unlockables. It’s been a long time since a game like R4 has come about, on any console, that’s just pure fun to play. (...) Dreamcast owners should not think twice about owning this piece of gaming history." - 8.8 out of 10 points
( online review)

 Single-player grand prix mode with four difficulty levels
 Three multi-player modes to enjoy with up to four players
 Five race cars to choose from
 10 Grand Prix race tracks
 9 additional multi-player race tracks
 Awesome soundtrack by Black Device
 Autosave to VMU (any port, file uses just 2 blocks)
 Region free
 Rumble pack support
 Compatible with original Dreamcast pads, arcade stick, and third party controllers
 Supports PAL (50/60 Hz), NTSC and VGA displays
 Configurable controls and many other options
 Animated cut scenes
 Plus even more unlockable content!
New: Online Highscore!

This game is region-free:
Runs on every PAL, NTSC-US and NTSC-J Dreamcast.

This is a CD-ROM based product and might not be compatible with some NTSC-J Dreamcast™ consoles built after October 2000. Please check the manufacture date on the back of your console before. This software is not officially licensed, designed, manufactured, distributed or endorsed by Sega.

Price: 15.00

Product Code: RRRR-RE

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