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Sturmwind Krakor plush toy

Sturmwind Krakor plush toy

Product Information
This very octopus, which is already well-known from the cover artwork of Sturmwind, has found the undersea graveyard of the Titans‘ fleet. The greenish glow of some his new hideouts attacted all kinds of prey and the jellyfish seems to glow larger. Due to his constant headache, he didn‘t notice he too had doubled in size and weight.

But don‘t be afraid! Even though this plushy fellow is quite huge, it‘s everything but contaminated. redspotgames focused on high quality. Comes with CE marking (or formerly EC mark) and you can wash him at 30°C / 86 F. 40 cm from the tips of the tentacles to the head, which has a diameter of 45 cm.

This merchandise is limited and only available for a short time in the redspotgames online shop. Furthermore videogame reseller offers a small amount of the Limited Edition „Windstärke 12“ together with the Krakor plush toy (Link). Customers who pre-ordered Sturmwind can extend their order with the plush toy with help of the redspotgames customer support (Link).

Price: €25.00

Product Code: KRAKOR-MRC

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